Job Posting Reach

Reach More Candidates.


Increase the reach of your existing job posts by blasting your active listings to Google for Jobs, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

HRBlaster upgrades your current job posts to meet the technical requirements of Google for Jobs, Facebook, and LinkedIn Groups, then submits your jobs to be included in job search results on each platform.

Reach More Candidates

Ideal Candidate Audience


Reach more candidates that want to see your job listing. Not candidates who want to see every job listing.

Learn About Candidate Audiences.

Job Listing Difficulty


Take into account the competitive difficulty of your job listing and target candidates in related roles. 

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Affordable Job Exposure

HRBlaster Cost

For the price of a couple cups of coffee you can increase the exposure of your jobs.

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Move Beyond The Job Board

Meet Candidates At The Search.

Many job seekers search for job listings on search engines, social media, and within private working groups. Job postings that do not meet the technical standards and listing requirements for these platforms cannot be shown.

HRBlaster uses your existing job postings, optimizes them for compatibility, and distributes them to sources where your ideal candidate audience searches for employment.

Your One-Click Tech Team

Level The Playing Field.

No tech team, no problem.

HRBlaster is an easy to use "no-code" platform that will elevate your job listings to always meet the requirements needed to have your job shown across search engines, social media, and private working groups.


Pricing Packages

Affordable, Simple, Secure.

Pay As You Go

$10 / Job Blast
  • 📢 Reach More Candidates
  • 💾 Google for Jobs Submission
  • 👍🏻 Facebook Working Group Submissions
  • 💼 Linkedin Targeting Submissions
  • 📈 Exposure Increase Analysis
  • ⚡ Competetive Difficulty Analysis

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Job boards are just one tool on your hiring toolbelt. Expanding beyond your primary job posting platform allows you to reach a substantially larger audience seeking employment opportunities.

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