How to reach candidates on Google for Jobs, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Enhance your existing job postings and reach candidates looking for positions on Google for Jobs, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

How To Blast Your job

Time Needed: 3 minutes

Total Cost: USD10.00

1. Login to HRBlaster

Login to the HRBlaster dashboard at https://dashboard.hrblaster.com.

HRBlaster Dashboard Login
2. Paste Your Job Posting

Fill out the job posting form. This form includes your job title, where the job is actively posted, and the link to your active job posting. 

Job URL Submission
3. Determine Potential Audience Reach

Determine the potential candidate audience reach of your job posting from the HRBlaster analytics dashboard. 

Audience reach takes into account candidates across Google, Facebook, and Linkedin that are actively seeking positions that match yours. 

Job Posting Potential Audience Reach
4. Blast Your Job Posting

Choose the jobs you would like to blast by selecting their checkbox.

Click the "Blast Selected Jobs.

4. Review and Repeat

Candidates who find your job postings on Google, Facebook, and Google will be able to apply to your original job posting. 

You can blast your job more than once and improve the probability of candidates finding your position.

The analytics dashboard on HRBlaster allows you to manage your positions, view your potential candidate reach, and the potential reach achieved.